For industrial facilities ranging from manufacturing, to oil refineries, to natural gas and solar providers, AK Services safely provides expert hydro demolition and water jetting services.


Degussa Chemical Process Tank

Location: Brighton, CO

Owner: Degussa Construction

Client: Degussa Construction

Overview:Using abrasive water cutting, the AK Services Team removed the top of a process tank at Degussa Chemicals in Brighton, Colorado, and cut out the solidified material within the tank. MORE >



Global Oil Tank

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: Global Oil

Client: Global Oil

Overview:An above-ground storage tank developed a leak in the floor, resulting in the sand below the floor becoming saturated in gasoline. The AK Services team used abrasive jet cutting as a method of "cold cutting" to safely cut in an explosive atmosphere. MORE >



Hydrolasing of Fresh Water Intake Process Piping for General Electric

Location: Lynn, MA

Owner: General Electric

Client: Triumviate Environmental

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of the fresh cooling water intake process piping at the General Electric facility in Lynn, Massachusetts. MORE >



Irving Fuel Tank-Access Door Sheet Cutting

Location: Revere, MA

Owner: Irving Oil

Client: Phoenix Welding

Overview:The AKS team used abrasive water cutting and doorsheet removal on an Irving fuel tank, to provide the necessary access to replace the floor. MORE >



Mercury Abatement Project for Osram Sylvania

Location: Danvers, MA

Owner: Osram Sylvania

Client: GZA

Overview:AK Services performed hazardous coating removal of Mercury-contaminated concrete from the Osram-Sylvania facility in Danvers, Massachusetts. MORE >



Pipe Hydrolasing at Hendrix Wire & Cable

Location: Amherst, NH

Owner: Hendricks Wire

Client: Hendricks Wire

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of pipes at the Hendricks Wire facility in Amherst, New Hampshire. MORE >



Supply Line Cleaning for DSM NeoResins Facility

Location: Wilmington, MA

Owner: Neo-Resin

Client: Neo-Resin

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of the resin supply line at the DSM NeoResins facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts. MORE >



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