Hazardous Environment Services

Custom Fabricated Specialty Tooling for Hydro Demolition Services

When your project requires hydro demolition or water cutting services in a hazardous (explosive or radioactive) environment, AK Services has the expertise, experience and equipment to achieve your goals.

Using robotic devices that accommodate a variety of working environments and applications, the AK Services team has the expertise and equipment to efficiently complete any hazardous environment project.

Abrasive jet cutting is an effective method of “cold cutting” to safely cut in explosive atmospheres such as fuel tanks. more

We use both manual and robotically-operated water jetting tools – making it possible to decontaminate, decommission, and remediate even highly irradiated environments.

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2 Cent Bridge

Location: Waterville, ME

Owner: City of Waterville

Client: City of Waterville

Overview:AK Services performed hazardous coating removal, hydroblasting, and lead paint removal using 55,000-psi hydro demolition services. MORE >



Bath Ironworks-Floating Dry Dock

Location: Bath, ME

Owner: General Dynamics

Client: Clean Harbors

Overview:AK Services performed night-work hazardous coating removal of lead and PCB coatings at the Bath Ironworks floating dry dock in Bath, Maine. MORE >



Cosgrove Station-MWRA / PCB Coating Removal

Location: Wachusett, MA

Owner: MWRA

Client: MWRA

Overview:AK Services performed hazardous coating removal of PCB material from the concrete walls and floors at MWRA-Cosgrove Station Power Plant using specialty equipment. MORE >



Florida International University (FIU)

Location: Miami, FL

Owner: U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)

Client: Florida International University

Overview:The U.S. Dept. of Energy contracted with AKS to use hydro demolition at a test site at FIU to replicate the removal of radioactive concrete structures at various nuclear sites. The AK team completed the work without producing airborne particulates, to simulate the reduction of exposure to contaminated/radioactive concrete dust. MORE >



Global Oil Tank

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: Global Oil

Client: Global Oil

Overview:An above-ground storage tank developed a leak in the floor, resulting in the sand below the floor becoming saturated in gasoline. The AK Services team used abrasive jet cutting as a method of "cold cutting" to safely cut in an explosive atmosphere. MORE >



Hanford Nuclear Facility

Location: Washington, DC

Owner: U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)

Client: Flour

Overview:AK Services cut a 55" hole in the top of an underground storage tank at Hanford Nuclear Facility, to gain access to the process water remaining from the weaponization of plutonium for the nuclear weapons program during WWII. MORE >



Irving Fuel Tank-Access Door Sheet Cutting

Location: Revere, MA

Owner: Irving Oil

Client: Phoenix Welding

Overview:The AKS team used abrasive water cutting and doorsheet removal on an Irving fuel tank, to provide the necessary access to replace the floor. MORE >



Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Location: Soddy-Daisy, TN

Owner: U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)

Overview:The U.S. Dept. of Energy contracted with AKS to perform a demonstration at the AK Services Shop Facility for the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant. The AKS team used hydro demolition to penetrate the dome, to simulate facilitation of spent fuel change-out. MORE >



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