Specialty Tooling

Specialty Tooling and Custom Fabrication of Hydro Demolition and Water Cutting Equipment

At our shop facility in Everett, Massachusetts the AK Services team designs, fabricates and customizes hydro demolition and water jetting equipment to achieve the precise results our clients expect for their projects.

Our team’s combined expertise and experience with the most challenging hydro demolition and water cutting projects is your assurance that we can customize the best solution for your project.

Federal, state, local and private sector clients depend on AK Services to deliver mission-critical results for their projects.  Request a quote today, and let us help you save time and money while achieving your goals.


Cosgrove Station-MWRA / PCB Coating Removal

Location: Wachusett, MA

Owner: MWRA

Client: MWRA

Overview:AK Services performed hazardous coating removal of PCB material from the concrete walls and floors at MWRA-Cosgrove Station Power Plant using specialty equipment. MORE >



Providence Crossing Bridge

Location: Providence, RI

Owner: RI-DOT

Client: Raito

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for anomaly removal on drilled shafts at the Providence Crossing Bridge in Rhode Island. MORE >



Rte. 18, New Brunswick, NJ

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Owner: New Jersey DOT

Overview:AK Services custom-fabricated a platform and specialty tooling to fit the rebar cage for a hydro demolition drilled shaft anomaly removal project in New Brunswick, New Jersey. MORE >



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