Abrasive Water Cutting

For challenging projects that require fast and precise cutting under special conditions, abrasive water cutting is the ideal solution. The AK Services team focuses up to 55k ultra-high water pressure, combined with special abrasives that act like thousands of tiny knives, to cut through a number of materials ranging from concrete to stone to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  The precise focus of abrasive water cutting ensures optimum precision and close tolerances.

A cutting solution that can be used virtually anywhere, and for the most challenging projects, abrasive water cutting delivers the portability and versatility your projects demand.  Our equipment is optimized to control flow, minimize waste, and maximize our ability to clean up quickly and easily.

Benefits of Abrasive Water Cutting:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Low dust production
  • No direct contact between the waterjet and the cutting surface
  • No-heat cutting makes abrasive water cutting ideal for explosive environments such as fuel tanks
  • Higher-quality cuts than other tools can achieve, minimizes the finishing steps for cutting metals and saves time
  • Abrasive water cutting can be performed with robots for automated, ultra-precise results
  • Highly-portable cutting
  • Saves time and cost for applications where otherwise expensive equipment (like diamond tipped saws) would need to be purchased and/or sharpened.

The AK Services team delivers the abrasive water cutting you need, where and when you need it, to save you time and maintain your project schedule.

Several Applications for Abrasive Water Cutting

In our team’s vast experience, we’ve had the opportunity to support engineers and contractors throughout the nation by delivering abrasive water cutting with fast, safe, and cost-effective precision for projects of varying complexities.  Whether hoisting our abrasive water cutting tools into the air or submerging our ultra-high powered cutting tools under water, we’ve got the expertise, experience and equipment to achieve successful results. more

Other applications for abrasive water cutting often include:

  • Bridge repair and maintenance
  • Cutting concrete sections
  • Cutting into fuel tanks for repair
  • Cutting steel beams
  • Demolition
  • High rise construction
  • High rise construction applications
  • Oil field maintenance
  • On site cutting in rugged environments
  • Shipbuilding and repair

Waterjet Metal Cutting

When you need to cut into metal, sometimes a laser isn’t the best solution. With a water jet, you can cut into metal with the same levels of precision and speed, and the added benefit of greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

AK Services water jet cutting systems are an ideal solution for cutting a variety of metals including steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and more. By using ultra-high powered water jets, our technicians are capable of cutting metal virtually everywhere.

Water jets can provide the metal cutting you need quickly, reliably, and precisely. However, unlike lasers, water jets eliminate heat-affected zones and create the close tolerances and burr free cuts you need, without requiring additional finishing.

Injecting an abrasive into the water jet enables the AK Services team to cut through a number of metals. Abrasives typically used in metal cutting include garnet (most common) as well as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide (most aggressive).

Eliminate the Need for Secondary Finishing:  The Benefits of Water Jet Metal Cutting

  • Can pierce metal directly, for applications requiring small holes
  • Cuts metal without discoloring or melting
  • Cutting for almost every material
  • Cutting in every direction
  • Cutting produces an edge that requires no additional finishing
  • Faster cutting than other methods
  • No bit changing or tool sharpening, making cutting faster and more efficient
  • No minimum cutting width
  • No stress or heat impact
  • Can be operated despite combustible environments (for applications in fuel tanks or process reactors)
  • Smaller cutting widths
  • Water jet cutting produces no harmful fumes or bi products
  • Water jet speeds can be adjusted to accommodate for sensitive or particularly thick materials

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Ship: M.V. Sun

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Owner: G. Marine

Client: M.V. Sun

Overview:AK Services cut access holes in the hull of the M.V. Sun, a ship in Brookyn NY, in order to access and clean the ballast tank. MORE >



Irving Fuel Tank-Access Door Sheet Cutting

Location: Revere, MA

Owner: Irving Oil

Client: Phoenix Welding

Overview:The AKS team used abrasive water cutting and doorsheet removal on an Irving fuel tank, to provide the necessary access to replace the floor. MORE >



Global Oil Tank

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: Global Oil

Client: Global Oil

Overview:An above-ground storage tank developed a leak in the floor, resulting in the sand below the floor becoming saturated in gasoline. The AK Services team used abrasive jet cutting as a method of "cold cutting" to safely cut in an explosive atmosphere. MORE >



Degussa Chemical Process Tank

Location: Brighton, CO

Owner: Degussa Construction

Client: Degussa Construction

Overview:Using abrasive water cutting, the AK Services Team removed the top of a process tank at Degussa Chemicals in Brighton, Colorado, and cut out the solidified material within the tank. MORE >



Benecia Bridge

Location: Martinez & Benecia, CA

Owner: CalTrans

Client: Kiewitt

Overview:AKS performed abrasive jet cutting to a drive shoe for removal from a crippled drilled shaft casing at Benecia Bridge in California. MORE >



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