Hydrolasing Services from the AK Services Team

When you need to aggressively clean the insides of pipes, tanks, and process reactors to remove chemical buildup, blockages, and scaling, AK Services delivers fast and effective hydrolasing.  When you need to restore the operating efficiency of your heat exchangers or pipes to their original condition, hydrolasing is also a cost-effective solution.

Hydrolasing (also called hydrolazing and hydro lancing) combines high pressure cleaning power with fully rotating hoses and nozzles to efficiently clean one hundred percent of the inner diameter of tubes, piping, and more.

AK Services’ remote-controlled hydrolasing equipment can be used on long lines and tubes, and delivers one of the safest industrial cleaning methods for variety of applications.

Applications for hydrolasing include:

  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Graphite tubes
  • Teflon lined piping
  • Sewer and water lines
  • Fuel tanks
  • Vessels
  • Reactors
  • Vertical and horizontal piping
  • Process piping
  • Heat exchanger tubes

Save More and Get More with Hydrolasing from AK Services

Remote controlled hydrolasing effectively uses ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting to remotely remove hard-to-reach materials, build up, and deposits on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. Hydrolasing is frequently used on materials including paint, epoxy, asphalt, fixatives, concrete, metal, and much more. more

Traditional methods of cleaning tubes and lines can be cost-prohibitive.  Without hydrolasing, pipefitters must assemble scaffolding, break down pipes and lines, and then begin the process of breaking down build-up, contaminants, and deposits. With hydrolasing by the AK Services team, you save more by reclaiming that time, productivity, and labor cost. Request a quote now, and take advantage of robotic UHP water jetting that’s far more efficient.

AK Services is here to make your projects easier and more cost-effective.  Our hydrolasing services enable you to bid farewell to complicated and efficiency-killing industrial pipe cleaning, and embrace to the simplicity and efficiency of hydrolasing.

Benefits of Hydrolasing by AK Services

  • Eliminates or reduces airborne contaminants
  • Uses a number of hose sizes and pressures to meet the needs of your application
  • Significantly reduces contaminated waste
  • Decreases or eliminates worker fatigue from mechanical tools or blowback inherent in handheld tools
  • Can be used to clean a number of hard or soft deposits from the inner diameter of pipes, tubes, and vessels
  • Safely cleans fuel tanks, pipes, lines, and other potentially hazardous industrial structures
  • Significantly reduces labor costs by eliminating disassembly of pipes in order to clean them
  • Enables operators to maintain a much safer distance
  • Greatly increases profitability and efficiency
  • Enables removal of scale deposits lining the inner wall of lines or tubes, using special tools

For more information on Hydrolasing services, contact us today!



AA Will – TD Garden

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: AA Will

Client: AA Will

Overview:The contractor had some newly installed drainage pipes that were clogged with new concrete.  After attempting the removal with other methods, the contractor called AK Industrial Services. MORE >



Foss Manufacturing

Location: Hampton, NH

Owner: Foss Manufacturing

Client: Foss Manufacturing

Overview:The owner wanted to have the high pressure and low pressure 2” tubes cleaned in an existing boiler during their scheduled shut down. MORE >



National Grid

Location: Dorchester, MA

Owner: National Grid

Client: Kiewitt (GC)

Overview:The contractor installed 550 LF of 24” cast iron pipe for natural gas. The pipe needed to be cleaned before placing into service. MORE >



Weymouth Power Plant-Gas Line Hydrolasing

Location: Weymouth, MA

Owner: Sythe Energy

Client: Washington Group

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing for more than 60,000 feet of piping, ranging from 30-inch gas lines to 2-inch condensate lines, for pre-startup cleaning at the Weymouth Power Plant in Weymouth, Massachusetts. MORE >



Pipe Hydrolasing at Hendrix Wire & Cable

Location: Amherst, NH

Owner: Hendricks Wire

Client: Hendricks Wire

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of pipes at the Hendricks Wire facility in Amherst, New Hampshire. MORE >



Hydrolasing of Fresh Water Intake Process Piping for General Electric

Location: Lynn, MA

Owner: General Electric

Client: Triumviate Environmental

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of the fresh cooling water intake process piping at the General Electric facility in Lynn, Massachusetts. MORE >



Hydrolasing of Plural Component for Bostich Facility

Location: Woburn, MA

Owner: Bostich

Client: Triumviate Environmental

Overview:The AKS Team performed hydrolasing of plural component at Bostich Corp in Woburn, Massachusetts. MORE >



Supply Line Cleaning for DSM NeoResins Facility

Location: Wilmington, MA

Owner: Neo-Resin

Client: Neo-Resin

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing of the resin supply line at the DSM NeoResins facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts. MORE >



Constellation Energy

Location: Baltimore, MD

Owner: Constellation Energy

Client: Constellation Energy

Overview:AK Services provided hydrolasing services to new piping for installation at the Constellation Energy Power Plant in Baltimore, Maryland. MORE >



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