Franklin Street Parking Garage

Project Overview

AK Industrial Services performed hand-held and robotic waterproof membrane coating removal on the traffic approach ramps, and partial-depth concrete hydrodemolition to the body of the Franklin Street Parking Garage.

Key Challenges

  • Multiple phases of work: The work was completed in the only access ramp to the underground parking garage; Left side, then right side.
  • Space limitations of working on a side street in Boston.
  • Limited space for all the equipment: Nearly half the equipment had to be mobilized in and out every night.
  • Water control with 100% recovery – since everything pitched down into the garage and no water was allowed into the existing drains.


  • Coating removal – to expose the concrete.
  • Partial-depth removal in all areas where the concrete was sounded and visually damaged.
  • Full depth excavation at the drainage trough.


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