Coating & Membrane Removal

AK Industrial Services combines speed with precision to deliver fast, accurate coating and membrane removal for your projects.

Using equipment customized to suit several applications, the AK Industrial Services team provides hydro coating and membrane removal as a versatile solution for use on all concrete, asphalt, and metal surfaces. Our specialized pressure-compensated pump allows us to reduce the water volume through the applicator while increasing the pressure, to limit waste.

When you need coating removal, whether it’s paint, a specialized coating, or virtually any epoxy, AK Industrial Services has the solution.  With up to 55K PSI, we can provide non-destructive, ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting that will safely remove every trace of coating without damaging the surface. This provides you with a clean, drastically-improved anchoring surface, and an excellent base that’s ready for new coatings.

Types of Coating and Membrane Removal Include:

  • Lead paint abatement
  • Steel preparation
  • PCB and lead contamination removal
  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Paint removal
  • Membrane removal
  • Rubber removal on runways
  • Removal of paint from concrete and asphalt

Coating Removal for Every Surface

Coating and membrane removal quickly and effectively prepares base materials for receiving new base and finish coatings. Unlike other coating removal processes, hydro coating removal selectively removes coatings such as paints, epoxies, and urethanes without damaging the surface. Additionally, coating removal from AK Industrial Services provides a far superior anchoring pattern compared to shot blast, so the surface repair lasts longer, saving you more in the long run. more

Water Jetting as a Superior Solution for Coating & Membrane Removal

With mechanical coating removal tools such as grinders or milling machines, you spend more time cleaning up and repairing the surface because these tools cause damage and actually remove part of the surface in the process of removing the coating.  Conversely, tools such as sand blasters have a hard time getting the job done. Water jetting is the ideal alternative, as it delivers the power needed to quickly remove surface coating, with precise control that enables our team to remove only what you need removed.

Hydro Blasting Coating Removal by AK Industrial Services

Some call it hydro blasting, others call it water blasting, and you might also hear it called hydro cleaning. Regardless of what you call it, the ability to propel water at ultra-high pressure and speed, coupled with the AK Industrial Services team’s experience, delivers the solutions that your projects need.

Our investment in qualified technicians, state of the art equipment, and custom-built hydro blasting tools means that AK Industrial Services is capable of providing the power and precision needed to suit an extremely wide variety of applications, on virtually any surface.

The Flexibility and Power of Hydro Blasting Make It The Ideal Solution For:

  • Pavement maintenance
  • Stripe removal
  • Coating removal
  • Hazardous coating removal
  • Runway rubber removal
  • Surface preparation
  • Marine surface prep
  • Sandstone texturing
  • Chloride removal from concrete
  • Residue removal
  • Brick and concrete restoration
  • Removal of mill scale deposits
  • Calcide removal
  • Rust and sludge removal from boilers, pipes, emission tubes, heat exchangers, condensers, and tanks

AK Industrial Services has developed custom components and nozzles that allow for varying flow rates and speeds, to ensure that we deliver exactly what your project requires. For projects involving hazardous or difficult to reach environments, we’ve also perfected the use of robotic hydro blasting tools, giving us the productivity and power we need, even from afar.

Can Water Jetting Remove Road Paint?

Yes! AK Industrial Services’ extremely powerful ultra-high pressure water jets can cut through road paint, reinforced tape, epoxy, and line striping like butter – all without damaging the top surface of the concrete or asphalt. This means that concrete won’t need to be repaired after the paint is removed, and important features such as rumble strips remain intact.

How Does The AK Industrial Services Team Remove Membranes, Epoxies, and Other Coatings?

When membranes, urethanes, and epoxies stop doing their job, they must be removed, and the surface must be prepared for coating reapplication. Using tools ranging from hand lances, to waterjet “mowers”, to 16-ft traverse beam robots, the AK Industrial Services team can quickly and effectively remove every remnant of coating, to ensure that the surface is ready for an evenly applied new coating, for maximum service-life.

Hazardous Coating Removal of Toxic and Radioactive Materials

Ultra-high pressure water jetting is a versatile tool that’s been used in a number of industries. For clients whose projects involve high levels of contamination or radiation, the power and versatility of water jetting is unmatched. When you need fast, effective clean up or decontamination of radioactive waste and build up, or for decommissioning of components with hazardous coatings, AK Industrial Services has the solutions.

Our expertise and experience, coupled with knowledge of constantly-improving technology, enables the AK Industrial Services team to provide contractors and government agencies throughout the U.S. with safe, fast, and effective hazardous coating removal services for a wide variety of decontamination and decommissioning project applications, including

  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipe work
  • Pressure vessels
  • Runoff tanks
  • Cold cutting
  • Surface preparation

Effective, Thorough Cleanup of Toxic and Radioactive Materials

AK Industrial Services offers clean-up, decommission, and decontamination services for projects involving radioactive or toxic waste.

Clients are often concerned with not only the effectiveness of water jetting for nuclear decontamination, but with maximizing efficiency and reducing waste. Our water-jetting tools direct water precisely, increase repeatability, and minimize waste – making cleanup easier and more cost effective. Our team’s experience with cleanup of toxic and radioactive materials, coupled with our consistent equipment improvement, is your assurance that we can successfully remove toxic or radioactive coatings for your projects.

We use manual as well as robotically-operated water jetting tools – making it possible to decontaminate, decommission, and remediate highly irradiated environments.

The Essential Water-Jetting and Radioactive Decontamination Solutions You Need

  • Ultra-high pressure (UHB) water jetting for radioactive build up
  • Access cuts into radiological waste storage tanks
  • Hydroscarification on fuel rod containment ports
  • Non-toxic chemical solvents
  • Fixed lance tubular cleaning
  • Combined hydro lasing with radiological detection for thorough decontamination
  • Precision spot cleaning

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Franklin Street Parking Garage

Location: Cambridge, MA

Client: Heritage Restoration

Overview:AK Services performed hand-held and robotic waterproof membrane coating removal on the traffic approach ramps, and partial-depth concrete hydrodemolition to the body of the Franklin Street Parking Garage. MORE >



Logan Airport Line Striping Removal

Location: East Boston, MA

Owner: Massport

Client: We Do Lines (GC)

Overview:The contractor installing new line striping on the concrete surface near terminals was required to remove the existing lines without damaging the concrete surface. Traditional grinding was not acceptable. MORE >



Whittier Bridge – I95 over Merrimack River

Location: Newburyport, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Client: Walsh Construction (GC)

Overview:AKIS was asked to remove some newly installed spray applied waterproofing deck membrane from an area of the new bridge deck that was previously paved due to phasing.  The GC required the removal of the membrane so it could form and pour concrete barrier. MORE >



UMass Parking Garage

Location: Amherst, MA

Owner: UMass Amherst

Client: PJ Spillane

Overview:AK Services performed concrete scarification to the UMass Parking Garage floor, to remove the old elastomeric coating in preparation for reapplication of elastomeric coating. MORE >



U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Buoy Tender Deck

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Client: U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Overview:The AK Industrial Services team removed the deck-coating from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter using hand-held rotary lances. MORE >



Tugboat “Angus” Deck Rehabilitation

Location: Everett, MA

Owner: SPS New England, Inc.

Client: SPS New England, Inc.

Overview:The AK Industrial Services team removed the deck-coating from the tugboat Angus using hand-held rotary lances. MORE >



Fitchburg Municipal Pool

Location: Fitchburg, MA

Owner: Town of Fitchburg, MA

Client: Mass. Dept. of Conservation & Recreation

Overview:The AKIS team removed epoxy coating from a concrete pool that serves as the Municipal Pool in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. MORE >



Ted Williams Tunnel

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Client: SPS New England, Inc.

Overview:AK Industrial Services removed line striping around the Callahan Tunnel Toll Plaza for MassDOT. MORE >



Bath Ironworks-Floating Dry Dock

Location: Bath, ME

Owner: General Dynamics

Client: Clean Harbors

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed night-work hazardous coating removal of lead and PCB coatings at the Bath Ironworks floating dry dock in Bath, Maine. MORE >



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