AK Industrial Services combines state-of-the-art hydrodemolition technology with a highly skilled team to deliver fast, precise, efficient results for a wide variety of projects ranging from concrete structure repair and removal to surface repair and more.   Hydrodemolition services use high-powered water jets to break up concrete, providing a smart, cost-effective alternative to jackhammering.  Jackhammering is slow, loud, messy, and often damages rebar.  Hydrodemolition is a faster, relatively quieter, and much more precise technique for removing concrete.

Contractors and engineers nationwide have enlisted the AK Team’s expertise and professionalism to successfully lower their costs and speed up their project completion.

Your Experienced Hydrodemolition Contractor

By taking full advantage of a specialty hydrodemolition contractor, you gain access to Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) volumes ranging from 20,000 PSI to 55,000 PSI. Whether you need surface preparation or complete concrete excavation and removal, the AK Industrial Services team can help.  For every project, our technicians provide fast, efficient, and neat project completion that contractors and engineers appreciate.

Hydrodemolition Services for a Diverse Range of Applications

Whether you need as little as a quarter-inch or as much as four feet of concrete removed, AK Industrial Services delivers the speed, reliability, and precision your project demands. No matter how much concrete we remove, we leave your rebar undamaged, and your work site free of debris.  We also recycle all the water used throughout the process. more

Our team can effectively abrade, cut, and remove substrates including concrete, stone, grout, membranes, coatings, and metals, to prepare a clean and even surface for your projects. Regardless of your application, you get the results you need – fast, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

The Expertise, Experience and Equipment Your Projects Demand

In our vast experience with several public and private clients across the country, we have developed the equipment and experience to tackle the most challenging projects. Whether you need concrete hydrodemolition, simple demolition or perfectly segmented concrete sections for easy removal and disposal, the AK Service team delivers successful results.

Why Not Use Jackhammers for this type of project?

If you have not taken advantage of the powerful potential of hydrodemolition services, you are missing a major opportunity to save time and money, whatever the scope of your projects.  For more than a quarter-century, hydrodemolition services and water jetting techniques have successfully delivered high productivity and cost-effective, lasting results.

A Smarter Approach than Jackhammers

Jackhammers can be effective, but they also have quite a few disadvantages. They’re messy, they’re loud, they produce a lot of dust, and they tend to damage rebar and concrete not intended for demolition. When you need faster, quieter solutions that do not produce hazardous dust and only remove what you want removed, concrete hydrodemolition by the AK Industrial Services team is the more efficient solution.

Key Advantages of Hydrodemolition by AK Industrial Services:

  • Zero impact or vibration damage to sound concrete or rebar
  • Less dust
  • Clean cuts – horizontally, vertically, and overhead
  • Faster and more efficient cleanup
  • Hazardous materials are quickly and efficiently captured in a water slurry

Concrete Removal Capabilities:

  • Hydro concrete removal and hydrodemolition from 20K PSI to 55K PSI
  • Robotic motion devices for enhanced precision
  • Tower assembly for vehicle and overhead work
  • Concrete removal for large and small projects
  • Full depth or partial-depth concrete removal
  • Selective concrete removal

Precise, Selective Hydrodemolition Concrete Removal

With hydro concrete removal, it’s possible to remove concrete down to a preset level, ensuring selective concrete removal.  This preserves the sound concrete that a jackhammer would typically pulverize, requiring extra repairs to replace what was needlessly demolished.  Our advanced equipment and robotic motion devices that let us achieve an unbeatable level of precision, for consistent successful results.

No Micro-cracks or Fractures

Due to the high impact nature of jackhammers, they generate a great deal of stress that can produce micro-cracks in the surface of pavement you would otherwise like to leave alone.Micro-cracks not only reduce the structural integrity of the surface, but they also pose problems when it comes to bonding in the future

Better Bonding

In most cases, the whole purpose for concrete removal is to replace it with new concrete. With hydro concrete removal, the surface you’re left with provides a far superior bonding surface, so new concrete bonds stronger than it did before, actually minimizing the need for future repair.

The Hydro Concrete Removal You Need to Keep Your Project on Track

The AK Industrial Services team is constantly focused on giving you the results you need, when you need them – so your project runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. By taking full advantage of the many benefits of hydro concrete removal, we make it possible. After all, why waste time and money repairing the damage caused by jackhammers? Hydro concrete removal gets the job done faster and more efficiently so you stay on schedule.

For more information on Hydrodemolition Services, contact us today!



Bridge No. B-29-003 Route 112 over Route 2 – Buckland, MA

Location: Buckland, MA

Owner: MassDot

Client: JH Maxymillian, Inc. (GC)

Overview:AK Industrial Services was contracted to perform hydro-demolition to scarify the bridge deck removing .5” of concrete in order to provide a substrate suitable for placing polymer modified concrete. MORE >



Commonwealth Ave. Bridge over I90

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Client: Walsh Construction (GC)

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed hand held hydro-demolition of the elastomeric concrete.  Not only did the use of hydro-demolition save the steel, the removal was performed considerably faster than conventional chipping which saved the contractor time and money.  MORE >



Cummington, MA over the Westfield Brook

Location: Cummington, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Overview:AK Services performed robotic partial depth hydro-demolition removal of 6” of concrete from bridge deck over the Westfield brook in Cummington, MA. MORE >



Franklin Street Parking Garage

Location: Cambridge, MA

Client: Heritage Restoration

Overview:AK Services performed hand-held and robotic waterproof membrane coating removal on the traffic approach ramps, and partial-depth concrete hydrodemolition to the body of the Franklin Street Parking Garage. MORE >



Logan Airport – Concrete Deck Removal & Scarification

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: Massport

Client: Skanska

Overview:AK Industrial Services was hired by the General Contractor to scarify and remove specified areas of an existing concrete deck to obtain desired top of concrete elevations. AK was able to meet the needs of the client in an expedient and precise manner without damaging existing rebar or adjacent concrete, all while creating an ideal MORE >



Somerville High School Retaining Wall

Location: Somerville, MA

Owner: City of Somerville

Client: Marguerite Concrete, Inc.

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed hydrodemolition to remove 220SF of concrete from the face of a retaining wall at a depth of 4”. Hydrodemolition was preferred over mechanical concrete removal methods as it was important to preserve the existing reinforcing steel and not damage the existing sound concrete.  This method allowed for the new face of MORE >



Ted Williams Tunnel

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: MassDOT – District 6

Client: MassDOT – District 6

Overview:The owner had a leaking water pipe that was poured in a 5’ thick wall of an air supply vent tube located below the Ted Williams Tunnel.  The owner needed to excavate the concrete without damaging the water pipe.  MORE >



Whitewater Dam – Claremont, NH

Location: Claremont, NH

Owner: Town of Claremont

Client: Daniels Construction (GC)

Overview:The contractor was hired by the town to remove 6” of concrete from the face of the existing dam and place new concrete. The GC contracted AK Industrial Services to perform hydro-demolition to remove the 6” of concrete. MORE >



Central Street Bridge over the Cocheco River

Location: Dover, NH

Owner: City of Dover, NH

Client: Evroks Corporation (GC)

Overview:AK Industrial Services (AKIS) removed 4” of existing cast-In-place bridge deck utilizing Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Hydrodemolition. The work was performed over the Cocheco River in Dover, NH. MORE >



Zakim Bridge Emergency Repairs

Location: Boston, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Client: Kiewit

Overview:AK Services provided hydrodemolition of concrete to facilitate emergency repairs on the Zakim Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts. MORE >



U.S. Coast Guard Pier

Location: S. Boston, MA

Owner: U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Client: U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Overview:AK Services performed robotic partial-depth hydrodemolition removal of 3.5" of concrete at the apron of the U.S. Coast Guard Pier in South Boston, Massachusetts. MORE >



Messalonskee Stream Bridge

Location: Kennebec County, ME

Owner: Maine DOT

Overview:AK Services performed robotic partial-depth hydrodemolition removal of up to 12" of concrete for the Messalonskee Stream Bridge in Kennebec County, Maine. MORE >



LNG Terminal Dock

Location: Everett, MA

Owner: Distrigas

Client: Distrigas

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed concrete hydrodemolition for coating removal at the LNG Terminal Dock in Everett, Massachusetts for Distrigas Corp. MORE >



Hooksett Toll Plaza

Location: Hooksett, NH

Owner: NH DOT

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed robotic partial-depth hydrodemolition removal of 3.5" of concrete at the Hooksett Toll Plaza in Hooksett, New Hampshire. MORE >



Bay Bridge

Location: Chesapeake Bay, MD

Owner: Maryland DOT

Client: American Bridge

Overview:AK Services provided hand-held hydrodemolition services on expansion joints in preparation for deck removal at Bay Bridge in Maryland. MORE >



Beacon Street Parking Garage

Location: Boston, MA

Overview:AK Industrial Services provided full-depth concrete removal using hydrodemolition at the Beacon Street Parking Garage. MORE >



Charlestown Dry Dock

Location: Charlestown, MA

Owner: U.S. National Park Service

Client: CCI

Overview:AK Industrial Services performed Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) hydrodemolition of the wing walls at Old Ironside Drydock in Charlestown, Massachusetts. MORE >



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