Drilled Shaft Anomaly Removal

Bridges critically depend on the drilled shafts that support them.  The integrity and reliability of each drilled shaft depends on its quality of construction, which can be undermined by factors such as difficult ground conditions and age.  Anomalies occur when drilled shafts become unstable due to a number of factors.  The AK Services team understands that your drilled shaft repair projects require precision, and we have the expertise, experience and equipment to remove anomalies and prepare your drilled shaft for repair.

Advantages of Drilled Shaft Anomaly Removal

Drilled shaft anomaly removal restores the structural compliance of a drilled shaft without:

  • Micro-piling
  • Mechanical demolition
  • Micro-fracturing of remaining concrete
  • Damaging the steel reinforcement
  • Removal of sound concrete
  • Significant schedule impacts

The Anatomy of a Drilled Shaft Anomaly

Several types of anomalies can exist in a drilled shaft, and each anomaly can affect a simple isolated pocket, or an entire cross-section.  A variety of factors can ultimately cause anomalies, such as issues during drilling, construction in wet conditions, concrete placement, and casting.  Regardless of their cause, anomalies seriously affect the stability of a drilled shaft and must be removed as part of the repair process.

Types of Drilled Shaft Anomalies Include:

  • Low strength concrete
  • Slurry mixed concrete
  • Semi-cemented material
  • Soil-concrete mixtures
  • Soil and sediment

AK Services: Your Expert Source for Drilled Shaft Anomaly Repair

If your project involves high groundwater levels, the drilled shaft locations are at high risk for drilled shaft anomalies.  Water jetting by the AK Services team is a reliable, non-destructive, safe and effective method for removing anomalies in drilled shafts, to optimize their structural integrity and improve their stability for years to come. more

For drilled shaft anomaly repair at varying depths, a fixed or rotating head is fitted with a pressure nozzle and slowly lowered into the drilled shaft. Once in the shaft, the AK Services team applies between 5k to 40k PSI to erode the anomalous material and then rinse it to the surface. If necessary, throughout this process we may also use a camera to view the progress of the water jet.

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NYS Route 987D over Saw Mill River

Location: Greenburgh, New York

Owner: New York DOT

Client: EE Cruz & Co. (GC)

Overview:Three drilled shafts that the contractor installed failed testing because of anomalies discovered in the concrete. The GC had a strict schedule and could not lose time for redesign or replacement of the failed drilled shafts. MORE >



Wittpen Bridge

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Client: Conte Group

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services using a custom-fabricated rotary tool for anomaly removal on drilled shafts over the Hackensack River, New Jersey. MORE >



Sakonnet River Bridge

Location: Portsmouth, RI

Owner: RI-DOT

Client: Cardi Corp.

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for removal of off-spec concrete at Sakonnet Bridge in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. MORE >



Providence Crossing Bridge

Location: Providence, RI

Owner: RI-DOT

Client: Raito

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for anomaly removal on drilled shafts at the Providence Crossing Bridge in Rhode Island. MORE >



Harlem River Drive

Location: Manhattan, NY

Owner: NYC-DOT

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for anomaly removal on drilled shafts in the high-traffic area of Harlem River Drive in New York City. MORE >



Goethals Bridge Replacement

Location: Staten Island, NY

Owner: NY/NJ Port Authority

Client: Kiewitt

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for anomaly removal on drilled shafts at Goethals Bridge, New Jersey. MORE >



Berkley-Dighton Bridge

Location: Berkley Dighton, MA

Owner: MassDOT

Client: S&R Construction

Overview:AK Services provided hydro demolition services for anomaly removal on drilled shafts in the Taunton River, MA. MORE >



Benecia Bridge

Location: Martinez & Benecia, CA

Owner: CalTrans

Client: Kiewitt

Overview:AKS performed abrasive jet cutting to a drive shoe for removal from a crippled drilled shaft casing at Benecia Bridge in California. MORE >



Rte. 18, New Brunswick, NJ

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Owner: New Jersey DOT

Overview:AK Services custom-fabricated a platform and specialty tooling to fit the rebar cage for a hydro demolition drilled shaft anomaly removal project in New Brunswick, New Jersey. MORE >



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