Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrodemolition Services

Why use hydrodemolition services and equipment instead of jackhammers?

Jackhammers are a traditional tool for removing concrete.  However, they are not exacting and can actually do more harm than good by removing sound concrete that doesn’t require removal, or by damaging the reinforcing bar or substrate on which the removed concrete sat.

Hydrodemolition concrete removal services are more precise and exacting.  Concrete scarification can remove up to ¾ of an inch of concrete, while concrete hydrodemolition – via hand-held or robotic means – can remove a specified amount ranging from one inch to several feet of concrete.

This precision saves your projects time and money, since hydrodemolition takes a fraction of the time that jackhammering does, and can cost less in the long run, especially when it helps avoid the repairs often necessitated by jackhammering.

Jackhammers are also messy, loud, and produce a lot of dust. Hydrodemolition solutions from AK Industrial Services are fast and quiet, don’t produce hazardous dust, and only remove what you want removed.

Can AK Industrial Services provide specifications for my projects?

Often, we can.  Our vast experience with all types of hydrodemolition and water cutting projects enables us to work with you to spec your project.   Just contact us to discuss your project, and experience for yourself the difference that AK Industrial Services can make for your projects!

Contact us with your questions, or to request a quote; we look forward to hearing from you.

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