Bath Ironworks-Floating Dry Dock

Project Overview

AK Industrial Services performed night-work hazardous coating removal of lead and PCB coatings at the Bath Ironworks floating dry dock in Bath, Maine.

Key Challenges

Access to all the interior spaces
Water and debris control, to ensure 100% capture
Harsh winter weather and temperature

Services Performed

Lead coating removal:  All lead removal had to be on the inside, or “heated” areas of the dry dock. Outside exterior apparantly was not an issue with lead paint.

PCB cleanup:  All PCB cleanup was exterior, including inside the dry dock where the ship would be, and on top of the wing walls and the access stairs.

Night-work hazardous coating removal:  Lead and PCB coatings were removed.

Preparation for transport of the dry dock to Croatia:  A transformer had blown up, and people who walked through the dry dock spread its contamination, so The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required that the dry dock be cleaned up and decontaminated before transport to Croatia.

Cleaning of the inside and outside of the floating dry dock:  Inside the wingwalls, AKIS worked inside mechanical rooms and occupied spaces (common areas, lunch rooms).

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