Hooksett Toll Plaza

Project Overview

AK Services performed robotic partial depth hydro demolition removal of 3.5 inches of concrete at the Hooksett Toll Plaza in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Key Challenges

  • Removal of the entire concrete deck without demanding the PCC beams to remain in place/SSE
  • Northbound and Southbound bridges would close, one at a time, with traffic re-routed, requiring AKS to have a full bride for each mobilization
  • Maintaining traffic below the bridge; traffic was rerouted while work was performed on the east and west side of each bridge

Services Performed

  • Full depth removal of patch work without damaging the beams or steel reinforcement
  • Patchwork: Inspector tested the bridge and marked out areas for full-depth removal. No partial depth.
  • Ultra High pressure, 36,000-psi at 12-gpm

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