LNG Terminal Dock

Project Overview

AK Industrial Services performed concrete hydrodemolition for coating removal at the LNG Terminal Dock in Everett, Massachusetts for Distrigas Corp.

Key Challenges

  • Working on a pier over the water, with the challenge of water control
  • In order to completely tear up the precast hollow core planks, the plan was to remove 3″ of concrete and then place a new topping. However, it was determined that the top thickness of the beams were less than 3.5”. Therefore, the parameters were changed to 2” minus in depth. This decreased the horsepower and volume of the concrete, which would have slowed the overall production, had the depth of the concrete not been changed to less than 2” and the concrete not being in great shape
  • The concrete was coming off in wafer-like pieces so vacuum recovery for the concrete was limited. Most of the removal was performed by hand

Services Performed

  • Removed top 2” of concrete and replaced with 2” topping
  • Saved all rebar without damaging it
  • Since the concrete was in such poor condition, we exposed much of the hollow core so we had to use a lightweight stay-in-place form. This rigid insulation worked well while adding a little coverage to the lower mat of rebar, versus the zero-cover of the original condition

Successful Results

This project was safely completed, with treatment of all water used in the hydrodemolition process.


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